Agua Dulce

Organic Vegetables and Fresh Fish

Agua Dulce Farm is an urban farm located in Southeast Austin committed to sustainability. We use an aquaponic method to raise fresh fish and the highest quality organic vegetables for harvest.

Agua Dulce Farm will provide Austin restaurants and markets with year-round organically-grown produce and fresh locally-raised fish.

We're hiring - come grow with us!

If you are passionate about sustainable agriculture and helping to revolutionize the way we grow and share food, while developing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in Organic urban farming, please take a look at the Farm Apprenticeship posting below.  We'd love to hear from you if you think you're a fit!


To apply, please send resume and relevant information to:

Farm Apprentice

The Farm Apprenticeship program is intended for candidates with a strong desire to gain skills and knowledge through hands-on training in urban farming, aquaponics, intensive vegetable production and permaculture.  In your role as Farm Apprentice, you will gain experience in a wide range of tasks involved in the successful operation of an Organic urban vegetable farm, and you’ll work closely with the Agua Dulce team, who will place special emphasis on your training and development through your work experience.

Primary responsibilities include assisting with a wide range of tasks involved in the production of aquaponic and field crops at Agua Dulce Farm.  Specific tasks include seeding, transplanting, soil prep, bed formation, weeding, site maintenance, construction, washing food containers, harvesting, washing produce and packing.   Secondary tasks may include assistance with farmers’ market sales and restaurant delivery.  The Farm Apprentice will report to the Farm Manager and will work closely with other farm employees and volunteers.



  • Must possess a passion for sustainable agriculture and the desire to learn through experience

  • Must be reliable and capable of showing up on time and consistently

  • Must be capable of following detailed instructions

  • Must care and pay attention to quality in work

  • Must enjoy physical farm work and being outdoors/in the greenhouse for the full work day

  • Must be capable of working on their feet for the full work day

  • Must be capable of safely lifting at least 30 lbs

  • Vegetable farm, hydroponic, and aquaponic experience a strong plus

  • Mechanical and construction skills a strong plus

  • Must speak English proficiently

  • Spanish language skills a plus


Term and Pay:

This is a temporary apprenticeship, which will last one full growing season.  This is a full time position and pay is hourly - starting at $8/hr, which is meant to cover basic living expenses while you're working and learning with us.  Part time apprenticeships may be available upon inquiry.


We're currently accepting applications.  To apply, please send resume and relevant information to:

About Agua Dulce Farm

Agua Dulce Farm is a 3 acre urban farm located in the heart of Austin, TX, just 5 miles from downtown.  We are committed to sustainably raising the highest quality vegetables and fish using aquaponic and integrated Organic methods.  We take a systematic and scientific approach to farming and are continually striving to innovate and improve the efficiency and economic viability of Organic urban agriculture.


Why urban farming?  We believe that urban farms are a unique vehicle for shifting culture and our food system, because of their ability to engage the millions of people who live in cities and who otherwise might not have access to experiences that help them understand agriculture, the environment and where their food comes from.


Our mission: to cultivate a resilient local food system that provides affordable, healthy food for all members of our community as well as opportunities for connection and learning around food, agriculture and the environment.