Agua Dulce

Organic Vegetables and Fresh Fish

Agua Dulce Farm is an urban farm located in Southeast Austin committed to sustainability. We use an aquaponic method to raise fresh fish and the highest quality organic vegetables for harvest.

Agua Dulce Farm will provide Austin restaurants and markets with year-round organically-grown produce and fresh locally-raised fish.

Field Farming Partnership Opportunity

Agua Dulce Farm is seeking a field farming partner!

Whether you or someone you know have been looking for an opportunity to try your hand at Organic farming or if you know of a non-profit searching for a farm space to support their programming - we have an amazing opportunity to offer with all of the infrastructure in place and ready to go!  Think of it as a turn key setup for an urban farm.

Agua Dulce is a three-acre certified Organic urban farm Austin, TX - just 15 minutes from Downtown.  Our primary business is growing lettuces, greens and herbs in greenhouses using aquaponics.  We also have roughly 1 acre of beautifully prepared fields for intensive vegetable, herb or flower production and this is the space we're searching for a partner to make use of.

Available Field Farming Infrastructure:

  • Approximately 1 acre of fields - amended with lots of compost

  • Organic certification in place

  • State of the art irrigation system - drip, micro sprinklers and fertigation

  • Walk behind tractor with all needed implements including tillers, seeders, bed shaper, plastic mulch stretcher and wood chipper

  • Hand tools and seeders

  • Tool storage

  • Produce washing station

  • Walk-in Cooler

Additional Partnership Opportunities:

In addition to growing and selling produce, our mission is to engage the community and raise awareness about food, health, environment and agriculture.  To this end, we have many visitors each week and operate a regular workshare program, where workshare members work on the farm in exchange for a share of veggies.  We also sell at the SFC Downtown Farmers' Market each week.  We're open to including a field farming partner in our workshare program and our farmers' market sales operations and we're happy to discuss options for how this could take shape.


We’re seeking a partner that can begin as soon as possible, so that we can make the most of the fast approaching Spring weather.  We’re open to all sorts of arrangements so please get in contact if you have an idea for a potential partnership!


Contact for more details.

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