Agua Dulce

Organic Vegetables and Fresh Fish

Agua Dulce Farm is an urban farm located in Southeast Austin committed to sustainability. We use an aquaponic method to raise fresh fish and the highest quality organic vegetables for harvest.

Agua Dulce Farm will provide Austin restaurants and markets with year-round organically-grown produce and fresh locally-raised fish.

Our Products

We strive to provide Austin restaurants, residents and grocery stores with year-round organically-grown produce and fresh locally-raised fish. 


Organic Vegetables


A colorful variety of Bibb, Romaine, Oak Leaf and Red and Green Leaf lettuces. Highly nutritious and equally delicious, these lettuces have the extra benefits of being Organic and locally grown.  Always delivered on the same day as harvested!

Specialty Greens and Herbs

Specialty Greens: These include Asian greens such as bok choy, tatsoi, mizuna and red mustard.  Sorrel, cress, kale, and chard are some other flavorful and vibrant varieties.  We grow a wide range of specialty greens all year!

Basil: We grow several varieties, year-round, including: Genovese, Purple, Thai and Shiso.

Microgreens: We grow a full variety of delicious and beautiful microgreens that add a pop of nutrient dense flavor to almost any dish.  Arugula, Radish, Rainbow, Cilantro, Celery, Amaranth, the list goes on...

New Products and Trials: We are always trying new varieties and types.  Let us know if there's an herb or green you'd like to taste, and we'll be happy to grow it for you.  We're currently working on baby greens, micro greens and perennial herbs.

Healthy and Sustainable Fish

Available for Sale Soon

We raise more than 2000 fish in our sustainable Aquaponics systems. While the fish waste acts as natural fertilizer for plant growth, the plants return the favor by filtering the fish's water.  Our fish are never given any antiobiotics or hormones and thrive given simply what they need: a well balanced diet and good water conditions, kept free from stresses and predators.

Nile Tilapia


A wonderfully versatile fish with a mild flavor and soft white meat.  Perfect for fish tacos!  Also, probably the most sustainable fish for farming and aquaponics.  Our most common fish.

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